Wow, with over 100,000 registrations. It never seems to amaze me how the Cryptocurrency world is fast growing and been accepted. I believe in the very near future, the world would bow to their knees for the blockchain invention .

The latest fascinating ICO that is getting little attention in the crypto world is WCX due to its great promise.

According to the Official thread WCX

“We’re excited to announce WCX, a new crypto exchange set to launch on 10.10.17.”

What sets WCX apart?

– Tiny Fees. Up to 10 times cheaper than what’s already out there. And if you’re a market maker (a trader who places limit orders on the book), you’re paid, instead of charged, when your orders are filled.
– Team. Comes from Apple, IBM, Deutsche Bank, and has a lot of experience building scalable services.
– Security. 98% of funds in cold storage. Segregated server infrastructure. Deep security expertise on the team.
– Scalability. A trading engine built by Wall Street veterans. Field tested for years. Relays 1M+ transactions, no pressure.
– Global & Anonymous. Trading’s open to people of all countries. No ID checks.

Revenue Sharing with WCX Tokens

To allow early customers to take part in the exchange’s success, we’re issuing WCX tokens in an ICO set for 9.9.17. WCX token holders are paid a portion of the revenue WCX makes through fees, in amounts equivalent to each holder’s share of the total amount of tokens.

Since WCX collects fees and pays out token holders in all sorts of digital currencies, holding WCX tokens is equal to holding an income portfolio of diverse digital currencies.

For a limited time, you can earn WCX tokens for free by doing any of the following:

– Signing up at
– Referring people to using your unique link (find it on the site after you sign up)

Good luck, and I hope you will join me in this venture to capture a great freebie!