We have seen the highest wave of ICO in the past weeks, although most of them are not promising or scam. but there are a few which are promising and so great. One of such ICO is Tokenbox.

What is Token Box-:

TokenBox is a platform is based upon a set of micro services written in Python/Java. The combination of this two programming language makes the platform great. This interface allows interaction between each group of Users and partners using this system.

What think about TOKENBOX:

From my experience with Tokenfund, where I invested my funds. I no doubt gives this managers and team a 100% pass mark. Yes quote me anywhere. The respond on time, and the put there investors first. With such a great team I will say to you INVEST HERE.

What Is TOKENBOX And How It Simply Works.

Tokenbox is a  platform where Investors are granted access to the best strategies for managing funds on the Crypto market with a high degree of safety in these processes. Yes, a very High degree of safety. Portfolio managers and traders, including professional teams, are to receive a ready-made “box” solution for the creation of its own tokenized fund, operating professionally, transparently and within the legal framework. The technical solutions offered by Tokenbox enable the fund management process and its development in an efficient and safe way. Thus, investors can make their choice between different legal and audited funds, according to the inherent ratio of risk and return.

What types of Funds can be created on the Tokenbox platform?

1.Investment funds with active portfolio management (analogue – Mutual fund);
2.Index funds, including a token traded on the exchange (analogue – ETF);
3.Funds which follow active trading strategies, including Algotrade, robotised trade.
It should be noted that the infrastructure of the platform is built using Amazon Web Services. The description of the infrastructure uses Docker containers. The databases and their replications are built using PostgreSQL and Elastic Search.

What is Tokenbox benefits to fund managers and traders?

  1. Tokenbox is an “umbrella” platform hosting funds and traders in a market place format and providing legal incorporation functionality to optimise their legal spend.
  2. Tokenbox will perform or arrange for KYC/AML on investors on behalf of funds and traders.
  3. Management of mutual settlements with investors using their own token, on the basis of smart contracts.
  4. Access to internal and external liquidity.
  5. We can confirm the 360 degree effectiveness of our software product.
  6. Access to the market of ICO-campaigns.
  7. Marketing support within the overall Tokenbox strategy as well as access to a global investment community with a substantial number of stakeholders.
  8. A rating system that entitles investors to make a balanced decision while choosing a particular fund.

Such a Great Team

The Tokenbox team has experience in successfully launching projects in the field of investment management in crypto assets. With Such projects like  Cindicator, thetokenfund, Zerion.


Personal Review.

Guys this is a good Opportunity to invest.

The crowdsale (TGE) will start on November 14.
Private Sale opportunities: For investments from $50 000, we offer a bonus of + 30% of token
Yes, the amount raised cannot exceed USD 20 million.

We accept ETH, BTC. We are sorry, but we don’t accept fiat contributions.

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