With the development of blockchain technology and the rapid growth of the crypto-currency market, new opportunities appear consistently in the field of Investment as there are over a thousand crypto currencies already in circulation. This profuse increase has left potential investors skeptical about their preferences on investment worthy currencies. In recent times, as a cryptocurrency enthusiast, this problem had continued to linger within me until I came across the Token Box: the Investor/trader solution.

What is the Token Box?

Tokenbox is a unique ecosystem that brings together crypto-currency funds under the management of professional portfolio managers and traders on the one hand and investors on the other.

6 Simple Reasons Why the TokenBox is Investor Oriented.

Tokenbox provides the following options for private and institutional investors:

  1. A secure, integrated gateway to the banking system for entry into a decentralized economy utilizing fiat currencies and classical payment systems. Inside the platform, investors can exchange fiat currencies for cryptocurrencies and tokens, as well as conduct reverse operations.
  2. Multi-currency wallet with the ability to safely store digital assets. The client has the opportunity to create a universal wallet for basic cryptocurrencies and tokens. For the convenience of users, there are two types of wallets for clients: “Lite”and “Professional” wallet.
  3. Multi-level Security System: All funds and traders, registering in the system as asset managers, are required to undergo due diligence; Best practices’ in the field of computer security, crypto active storage technologies are applied.
  4. The “rating system” and the “advisory” service that support the investor’s decision in selecting the appropriate investment fund on Tokenbox platform. The main criteria for the rating system: profitability of; risk management for the transaction, and the description of the strategy.
  5. Convenient, modern and intuitive interface. Tokenbox provides mobile, desktop and web versions for various operating systems.
  6. Access to ICO-campaigns for investors. Tokenbox is an open platform and projects conducting ICO/ITO/TGE post the data about the project in order for the platform users to participat