Reasons To Buy Into Swarn Token Sale

What is Swarn

Swarm is a fully decentralized capital marketplace platform built on blockchain technology that is entirely owned by the community.


Reasons To Buy Into Swarn Token Sale

Swarn funds deals with hard assets that have mostly been neglected within the crypto-asset world. Each tradable asset has the ability to appreciate in value; as in other areas, this appreciation is highly determined by the supply and demand curve. Also with the are numerous new types of asset classes which trade on these exchanges. Some of these do extraordinarily well and experience extremely rapid appreciation.


There are three primary ways of making money.

  1. Appreciation in the base asset associated with SWARM.
  2. Privileged information which is made available to Swarm members which allows them early access to good deals on assets issued through Swarm.
  3. Trading on other crypto assets, partially through the informational network that SWARM creates.

Swarn platforms makes money primarily through individual deal opportunities that the network participates in. This is done through what is traditionally called a “carry,” a distribution of realized return that goes to the platform. In certain respects we are providing similar services to an investment bank.

Swarn Fund Team

The team comprise of entrepreneurs who have gone into finance after a couple of successful tech companies.



  1. Create an account on an exchange (GDax, bitfinex, Kraken, Gemini).
  2. Verify that account. You will need to upload a wide variety of documents proving you are who you say you are. It’s all regulatory mandates. Once you upload this material, verification takes a day or two, much faster than it used to be.
  3. Follow the instructions on the exchange to deposit USD into that exchange. This, depending on your bank and the wire transfer, will typically take 3-5 business days.
  4. Now you have USD in your exchange account and can buy ETH with it.
  5. Once you have all the ETH you want, withdraw that ETH into a wallet that you control. Exchanges are notorious for being hacked and you want your funds in a place that you have the private key to.
  6. While you are waiting for your verification and transfer, download and install Mist / Ethereum Wallet. Run it so it can sync the blockchain.
  7. We also highly recommend purchasing a Ledger Nano (, a hardware wallet that supports both Ethereum and Ethereum assets.
  8. When you run it, it’ll prompt you to make a new account. Create a password that you will never ever forget and create the account. Then, it’ll give you an address that starts with 0x.. This is what you will enter on Kraken or Bitfinex to move your ETH from their account to your own.
  9. To safely keep your account you have 3 pieces of information: Your address (0x….), your password, and the private key. The private key is like a password, but way more effective. Plus, it’s a password that is protected by another password. In Ethereum Wallet, this private key is stored in the keystore file. You need to make a backup of this in case anything happens to your computer. In Ethereum Wallet, go to the top bar and find ACCOUNTS -> BACKUP -> ACCOUNTS. It’ll open up a folder and inside you will see a file. This file is your private key. Copy this to a USB drive and safely store the USB drive in a different physical location than your computer (in case your house explodes).
  10. Email us with your intent to buy and the quantity you wish to buy at

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