SWARM FUND: Public token Sale begins 21st September

What is Swarn

Swarm is a fully decentralized capital marketplace platform built on blockchain technology that is entirely owned by the community.


Swarn Fund Vision

This is to  allow anyone, anywhere in the world, to participate in the value creation within the crypto asset category and to capture opportunity in new types of asset-backed tokens, anything from distressed real estate to solar installations to rain forest preservation projects and many more.


Swarn values

Swarm turns financial opportunities from exclusive into inclusive. In simple terms Swarn Funds reduce hype cycles which makes the rich richer without delivering real value. One key feature about Swarn is its accessibility to its community members and governed by its members. Swarn Fund tend to achieve this by the use of a token based, stake-weighted, liquid democracy system to provide both an early adopter incentive and input into long-term decision-making.

How Swarn fund will change the world

Based on earlier asset managed by swarm fund of about 10billion dollars and 25 billion monthly deal.  Swarm Fund will help the crypto world grow to $1 trillion by bringing tokenized real-world assets through partner funds.

Due to the fact swarn fund is community based, Swarm token holders will govern the platform in which all of this will happen and receive additional tokens on the private blockchain. This will allow them to take part in all the sub funds.

Why You should Purchase Swarn Tokens

For More Info Use the Link below

Website.     http://www.swarm.fund/

Telegram    http://t.me/swarmfund