STEX Smart Token Exchange First publicly owned cryptocurrency exchange

     The STeX Project took off in a low key, but surprisingly its taking a good turn. Investors are beginning to see how great this project is. Let me share with you what I think…

What the STeX project is all about-

Have you tried to switch between coins? Following trends in emerging tokens? That is the problem STeX Project focus on at this stage: many coins and tokens suffer from one biggest problem – the lack of liquidity. This leads to enormous implications for active traders/investors. Imagine, you have coin A and a nice opportunity to sell it with profit. And at the same time, you wish to invest in a new promising token or coin B. The only problem – they are traded (or have best rates) in different exchanges, and if you try to trade this idea, you must finish first trade, then transfer your assets from one exchange to another – wasting days and (the world is fast nowadays, remember?) finally missing the brilliant opportunity to raise money – and just because of market insufficiency.

How this problem is solved-:

With STeX Projectunique HFT algorithms, originally developed to work on traditional stock exchanges, STeX Project solve this problem by providing access to all trading possibilities from one trading platform, one trading account, in a blink of an eye. And much more. STeX Project is going to bring advanced financial instruments like leverage, portfolio margin, futures and options to blockchain world – ready to use for everyone wishing to get most out of cryptocurrency trading.

Why I personally trust this project-:

Behind STeX system lie years of experience in trading on world’s largest stock exchanges and years in developing trading algorithms for private hedge-funds and brokers. This unique combination of understanding end-user needs and knowledge of how to build infrastructure able to deliver services to millions of users, with sophisticated HTF market-making algorithms ensures that project will be successful and at the same time very hard to copy.

So all I can finally say to the crypto world is, Invest invest invest….. in the STeX Project –

white paper-

Thanks for joining hands in this awesome project.

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