Solar DAO Launches the World’s First Real Solar ICO

solar DAO,

Solar DAO is an ethereum blockchain project where users or shareholder’s can decide to finance the construction of PV solar plants (PVS)  in any rural community. This is possible by using a crowdfunding model.

Whats interesting about Solar DAO

Solar DAO (  has thrown open a new world of cryptocurrency and solar energy. This is the first of its kind. Solar enthusiasts are excited about this new door. The ICO was launched on the 27 of July 2017 which is intended to run till  31 August, 2017.

Link to whitepaper-

The project has already gained attractions in the Bitcoin community:

Insight about Solar DAO

Solar DAO is a new innovation design to invest massively on PV solar plans all over the world. Owned by a team of Russians solar energy experts, this has opened a new financial tool aim to empower small and micro investors by enabling them to participate in the construction of PV solar plant worldwide.

How Solar DAO helps investors

By this new innovation the barriers of investing in solar project has been permanently broken, thereby arranging deals and removing cost of intermediaries. Everyone interested in solar project can now anonymously participate, even though you have no fore knowledge of solar energy.

What do Solar DAO aim to achieve:

Solar DAO has a unique global vision as they tend to create numerous PV plants projects all over the world. This constructed solar plants will fill in the world energy needs especially in developing countries or communities with poor infrastructure.

Reason why should you Invest. Some of the great features are outline below.

  1. Total anonymity of records. Solar DAO integration with the blockchain technology makes it possible for users to be identified only with public key of shareholder’ wallet.
  2. The security of Solar DAO blockchain is sure, as it cannot be hacked.
  3. Distribution of dividend is even. All participant gets his or her right share using smart contract provided by blockchain technology.
  4. Every shareholder can make changes to a particular project or influence the development and management of a new project.

From my view this is a great project that needs  to be supported. Lets all join this great project.

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