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Blockchain Technology has really close the gap of distance and trust. Now people all over the world can do business without barriers and the can trust each other without fear of race or religion.

Solar DAO is one of such great project.

This project tends to solve a huge gap in the solar world. Many investors who do not have huge capital to invest in solar project can now be part of this opportunity. It’s that simple. Donate Ethereum to the project and become part of the share holders of the company.

Solar DAO allows the community to own P V solar plant all over the world and reap dividends from the gains of the company. with this everyone can buy “Solar” asset worth 10K, 50k, etc. Dividends are paid to you and you can trade them freely.

This is a genuine way to be rich, financially free. You just sit back and enjoy your dividends from you investment.

Construction P V Solar Plants through Crowdfunding has never been easy until now.

  1. ROI for everyone
  2. Shareholder Register on the blockchain
  3. Smart contracts
  4. Shareholders voting
  5. Totally anonymous
  6. Extremely secure


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Solar DAO ICO information

Platform: Ethereum

Pre-ICO: July 27th to August 31st.

Pre-ICO max cap: $4M

ICO start date: end of October / TBA

Objective amount: $8M

White Paper Here username- danielogalue