Rhea – a unique cryptotrading platform! Review.

ICO are a norm now in the crypto world. Fund rasing using initial coin offering has set the pace. One of this ICO that is unique is Rhea token sales. Which will last from October 2nd to October 29th.

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Why Rhea tokens are Unique.

Rhea is a crypto-equity hybrid token. A holder of the Rhea Crypto20 token, will be able to use this token in multiple ways like hedging, speculating and investing in the cryptocurrency market without holding any individual currency.
Rhea token will be used on there platform to buy and sell options or provide market liquidity for extra return. Rhea token will provide a quarterly dividend to all token holders and market participants.

Link to Whitepaper

ICO link for purchase of tokens

Rhea Crypto20 index

We all know that Less volatility means a safer investment!. This is the unique features of Rhea Crypto20 token. The Rhea Crypto20 index is the best representation of the crypto world’s performance. By combining the top 20, we create a less volatile product with smooth patterns.
We are currently faced with sharp rise and drop in cyptocurrency prices. Example are in  BTC and ETH. Because of this I will say it is safe investing in Rhea tokens becauseInvesting through the Crypto20 offers a more stable alternative. Trading option using this tokens gives the opportunity to profit from sharp market corrections.
By trading options on the Crypto20, you can speculate or hedge on the crypto market. Buying and selling options permits investors to monetize their broader view on the market, or vastly reduce their risk exposure. The options platform will offer European calls and puts with maturities from 1 week to 1 year and a wide range of strike prices.

Diagram showing how profit is generated investing in Rhea tokens

Based on Rhea’s transaction fee structure, Bob will pay $2.84 to acquire a $300 put option. Following the drop in BTC, Bob’s put option will limit his total loss by $63.16. His RHT/BTC portfolio has experienced a 2.6% loss, compared to the 9% lost in the BTC-only portfolio. The Rhea platform will enable hedging of downside risk – a game changer in the world of cryptocurrencies.
This was just one of many uses for the Rhea platform. Options on the Crypto20 represent an indirect holding in cryptocurrencies, which significantly reduces the effect of a single price drop. In addition, options give the flexibility to customize the size and duration of your exposure.


Rhea’s ICO

Rhea’s ICO is divided into 5 stages each with a different discount factor. The maximum available supply will be 50 million tokens, 85% of which will be offered to investors. The remaining 15% will be used for liquidity provision and long term reserve. We strongly believe in fair dealing, which is why we will not retain any tokens for the founding team. The ICO will be considered successful when 5.5 million RHT (12.5% of the maximum supply) are sold to investors.


Rhea Address Available at ICO start
Minimum Contribution 0.1 ETH
Offering Period 2-Oct-2017 to 30-Oct-2017
Token Supply 50 000 000 Tokens Fixed Supply
Contribution Methods MyEtherWallet and Metamask
Price Per Token
– Oct 2 – Oct 4
– Oct 5 – Oct 8
– Oct 9 – Oct 15
– Oct 16 – Oct 22
– Oct 23 – Oct 30
0.0008145063 ETH
0.0008573750 ETH
0.0009025000 ETH
0.0009500000 ETH
0.0010000000 ETH
Gas Limit 300 000
Decimals 10