What is Power Ledger ICO

Power Ledger is a blockchain-based peer-to-peer renewable energy marketplace which makes use of the leading blockchain energy application to provides a transparent, auditable and automated market trading and clearing mechanism for the benefit of producers and consumers. The P2P energy application has open the door for businesses, which enables the sale of surplus renewable energy generated at residential and commercial developments.

The Uniqueness of Power Leger.

Power Ledger puts the power to manage the energy economy into the hands of consumers, while maintaining the value of existing distribution networks. From previous POWR token presales, this company has rasied $17 million AUD. Power Ledger ICO is Australia’s first initial coin offering, and from all indication investors are willing to buy into this awesome innovation. Power Ledger marketplace, has made room for organizations and individual who are interested  to buy and sell solar power over a blockchain-secured network. POWRs, is backed by ERC20 tokens is tradeable on the Ethereum blockchain.

How can I trade the POWRs token.

POWRs token can be converted to SPARKZ on the ethereum blockchain. Users can then trade SPARKZ for units of electricity on the company’s private blockchain. On September 8, Power Ledger will begin an uncapped sale, after which they expect to have raised $30 million. This is awesome as it has stand the taste of time, no doubt it is a good innovation. This is a good investment of a life time. Invest in Power Ledger now.