The amazing crypto World.

Its near about a year that I have spent in exploring Blockchain and Cryptocurrency technology. And in this short time I have come to appreciate this technology, what it has to offer and the community and ecosystem it has created around it. Am so happy to be in this generation to see and experience this powerful innovation.

Nimfamoney and what are its gains.

Nimfamoney is the world’s first 100% decentralized Cryptocurrency lending platform. Nimfamoney is one innovation in the crypto worls that blows up my mind. with Nimfa tokens you can receive up to 260% of additional income from each investment made with borrowed NIMFA tokens. NIMFA is a 100% automated cryptocurrency lending with a zero % interest rate (only 10% commission on profit without personal data collection No verification and denials). It is a decentralized & automatically replenished cryptocurrency loan fund without control by one organization. All NIMFA token purchases made on the ICO by the persons you invite for participating on ICO, it’s a Triple profit for you and also allows you to borrow 3 tokens.

You’ll also able to borrow 300% of all NIMFA tokens you get on ICO. Nimfamoney cryptocurrency leverage works and will triple your personal profit from participating in the blockchain-companies’ ICOs and trading on exchanges before 2018! For instance, you are purchasing 1000 NIMFA tokens at an ICO (1 NIMFA = $5), and after the ICO you can borrow 3000 NIMFA tokens for purchasing other companies’ tokens at the ICOs and on exchanges. In order to get this loan of 3000 NIMFA (1 NIMFA = $5) you will have to deposit 3.3% of the amount of the loan to get access to Nimfamoney. For this, you are transferring 3.3% of the amount of your loan (given that the loan is 3000 NIMFA ($15000), you should transfer $495). This amount goes to the decentralized Nimfamoney cryptocurrency loan fund.

After transferring 3.3% of the amount of your loan you are recieiving 300% of your initial funds to your Nimfamoney account. That is, if you had only $5000 for trading at the exchange or for purchasing tokens at an ICO, with Nimfamoney loan you have $15000 (3000 NIMFA), three times more! With a loan of 3000 NIMFA you can purchase any tokens at new ICOs or at the exchange immediately. You are paying the loan back in a period of between 1 and 30 days by transferring 100% of your borrowed cryptocurrency (with a zero percent interest rate) and 10% of your profit at a closing of a position. The NIMFA team possesses sufficient experience in the cryptocurrency for over 5 years and have been involved in either a large international company with huge work experience.

How to buy Nimfatokens.

Register on, you will receive a unique referral link to invite your friends for NIMFA tokens. Every visitor who goes through your referral link and registers on will be affiliated as your referral potential partner with his account information linked to you.

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