Narbonne The First Decentralised Crypto Bank

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Mining crypto coins is gives great reward for those who embrace the business early. Bitcoin been the first decentralized cryptocurrency that was released in early 2009. Many other cryptocurrency are now into the blockchain technology. Bitcoin been the first crypto currency to be mined has set the pace in the crypto world.

Today, mining is a gold rush, just by investing a few dollars in the purchase of mining machines, you can realize great returns on your investment.

Narbonne project has come to help the mining world. This project will put a smiling face on miners. Narbonne is the First decentralised crypto bank with a fantastic logarithm. Fully automated and reliable.

  1. With this platform you can spend your cryptocurrency around the world using a Narbonne debit card. Isn’t this fantastic?

Just wait that’s not all. The amazing part is yet to be told. Read through and you will be thrilled about this project.

2. Now the second amazing thing about this project is that you earn interest on your balance in the amount of 10   to 15% p. a. Great right. That’s not all. Hold the Line.


Can we trust the team?

Come to think of it. All team members are experience. Am not just writing this to appeal to you. Look at their profile on the web page. you will see it for yourself. They are a great team with their advisers. With this award winning team experience in the field of online micro lending, peer to peer lending and traditional bank lending wont you expect a world classic project from them . Think about it for a minute?

Quote from the website

Narbonne team has experience in creating from the scratch financial institutions in the field of microlending in Spain, Germany and Russia. Consumer penetration is about 3 million users in these countries.

Now no doubt, I will say, i give them 100% of my trust.

Also talking about trust. High security and privacy of your accounts is their core target and focus.

Narbonne also offers Credit loans. Yes, this is also the core feature of this token.

Narbonne Credit Coin How does it work?

It will amaze you the beauty of having this token for dinner, Yes you heard me. Just buy this tokens now, cook it hot and just smile as you watch it yield interest. Do not underestimate the power of Narbonne tokens.

How do Narbonne Credit Coin offer this service?
  1. Narbonne issues the Narbonne Credit Coin (NCC). As a result of the ICO, a part of tokens (35%) will be distributed among banks and lending institutions around the world.
  2. Using the NCC as a currency for paying loans will be a condition to obtain shares for lending institutions. Borrowers of lending institutions will have to use the NCC to pay loans. Therefore, the NCC will receive the supply in a form of existing loans and that ones being issued in the future.
  3. Narbonne will be sent 50% of profit to expand the network of lending institutions that will support the NCC.


What is Narbonne token

Narbonne token is necessary to pay loans and services provided by Narbonne and other banks. Other banks and lending institutions will use the NCC as well. As a result for investors, the NCC will become stronger and more secure.

Symbol: NCC

Total supply: 1,000,000,000 tokens

Adjustable: Yes. All unsold tokens will be burned

Initial Rate: Price per token, locked. 1 token = 0,00012 ETH

PRE-ICO starts on the 29th of September

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