As a lover of safe, fast and affordable racing cars, I came across an organization that is producing first in the world entry- level electric racing car that will form series of competitions around the world as a supporter of racing series for formula E.

What is the project about?

Indigo Racing Organization is the first ICO building the world’s first entry level electric racing car and is offering tokens that can be exchanged into Indigo Racing Shares after 1 December 2018. 1 million INDIGO tokens can be converted into 33% of our total company shares. They will privately sell their shares to the holders of their token and will trade on “WAVES” a platform to trade INDIGO at DEX exchange soon after the ICO finishes. The total amount of tokens issued will be 3,000,000 INDIGO. This amount is limited and not going to be re-issued. 1,000,000 of INDIGO will be sold during the ICO. Minimum amount of INDIGO tokens that can be purchased during the ICO is 100 tokens.

1 ETH = 300 INDIGO 1 BTC = 4300 INDIGO
There is a system of discounts if you purchase certain amount of INDIGO at Once. The more you purchase the bigger is the discount:
500 INDIGO = 1.3 ETH (instead of 1.6)
1000 INDIGO = 3 ETH
5000 INDIGO = 15 ETH
10000 INDIGO = 30 ETH

The Team

The Indigo ICO team has more than 15 years of experience in motorsport as well as wide network of contacts and possessing a clear vision of the prospect of this business. The team consists of experienced professionals coming from the motorsports business that also consult with racing drivers who participate in competitions of all levels like FIA GT, GP2, Formula 3 sports prototype championships. They developed our concept in cooperation with racing team managers of different levels. More than just a business, this is their passion: they love cars, competition, and racing. They believe that only this kind of people who can move this business forward. As it always was and always will be. The concept that we have developed is exactly what emerging industry – electric vehicle motorsport – needs today. Telegram

Provide your WAVES address together with your ETH or BTC address by filling in the form provided on