HydroMiner Tour, Interview, Video and Presale Review

HydroMiner is a Eco-Friendly, Profitable Cost Effective, Austrian Cryptocurency Mining farm project with already exiting cryptocurrency farm. A few days back, HydroMiner  publicly announced its public sale of token to the public.

Although, the credibility of this new venture was in doubt at that time, but after a visit to the farm by Andrea BTCBusinessconsult and seeing that every bit of what was released on social media was through. Investors began to troop into this venture. So much that it only took 36 minute for the Pre ICO to come to an end.

Words from the CEO of HydroMiner

We are overwhelmed and honored by the support of the crypto community on our road to a successful mining business. We just successfully completed another step by selling out the Pre-Sale in 36 minutes and raising 1,500 ETH (the hard cap).

A big thanks to our supporters and everyone who helped us along the way!

We are now looking forward to the ICO starting on October 3rd. The ICO starts with 20% bonus in the first week with no minimum contribution.

Why invest in HydroMiner ICO?

From my perspective, its never late. Even though  you missed out on Pre-sale. Do the right thing Now. HydroMiner (H2O) is the perfect solution. Using of hydro power stations in the Alps region, there by maintaining the lowest prices per kiloWatt in Europe. Using this technology, the cost of electricity is  currently 85% lower than the average in Europe.

HydroMiner (H2O) Roadmap

  • Presale-: September 25, 2017 Completed
  • Token Sale-: October 3rd, 2017
  • General Sale-:  Starting January 2018
-569Days 00Hours -47Minutes -18Seconds

HydroMiner (H2O), current power supply is 290 kW with a Hashrate of GH/s 45.82. You can find all spread sheet on the website. https://www.hydrominer.org

How to tale Advantage of this Opportunity

Buy token now, visit https://www.hydrominer.org/token-sale/