Hackspace Capital token sale: First 24 hours ICO Review

Hackspace Capital token sale is a promising investment. The last 6 hours of token sales has been promising. Hackspace platform is established in 2017 for show casing  most promising technology startup projects. With over 18357 ETH raised calls for serious attention.  Hackspace capital tends to connect hardware startups and innovation to the public using their online store. Hackspace capital strategic partner,  EnCata has proven their worth over the years. They have an innovative engineering catalyst.

Benefit of Buying HAC Tokens

HAC Tokens holders can interact with Hackspace Capital  online shop, where they can acquire products and services created and offered by Hackspace Capital startups. This is a great opportunity. Hackspace capital has an established office at HACSP CAPITAL LTD ΗΕ 372187 Limited Company Address:16 Pentelis str. Nicosia 2401 Cyprus

How to buy tokens

Tokens can be purchased on their website https://hackspace.capital/ via ETH wallet transfer (min. amount is 0.05 ETH )· via ShapeShift server for crypto-currency exchange (min. amount is 0.05 ETH)· via wire transfer in USD (min amount is 1000$)

How many tokens will be issued

The total authorization of HAC tokens equals 1 000 000 000. 255 000 000 HAC tokens will be distributed to the public during the first stage. 510 000 000 HAC tokens will be distributed to the public in total.

How to use HAC Tokens;

HAC TOKENs will be entitled to exchange for any products and services offered by HACKSPACE (Hackspace Capital) platform, including product and services of the partner companies. One can freely trade HAC Tokens for any fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies at any available liquid exhange.

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