Solar DAO Pre-ICO Ended Successfully!

The first blockchain innovation which seeks to reduce risks, costs and surpass technical barriers by investing in PV solar plants across the globe has successfully ended. According to source, news and final report will be public in 8 days after pre-sale date. Solar DAO is a trust worthy company as it seeks transparency in all its dealings.


Solar DAO is a reputable company that has solar plant which is already in operation. They company offers a solid business model. Some ICO’s might have a higher ROI, but really the associated risk and stress involved in investing in such projects is no match. These projects should be approached by the highest risk investors only with money you really can afford to lose. Solar DAO is different as it share development cost and achieve the greatest ROI for everyone.

Invested funds in Solar DAO are safe. Plus, the token can be exchanged at any time back to any other crypto or fiat via exchanges. This gives Solar DAO investors several advantages. Which include,

  1. Increase of crypto holdings over time at a significant rate.
  2. Safety of principal investment.

One other unique feature is that all shareholder’s can vote directly to affect project development and management.  Also, there is an automatic dividend redistribution in accordance with participant shares.

Key note

Solar DAO is a reputable, existing company which has existing PV plants in Europe, CIS, Middle East.  Solar DAO earns profits from the initially constructed plants. Solar DAO only intend to expand there PV plants, increasing their capacity and total Project’s profit. So it is a Sure Win. Success rate is high.

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Solar DAO ICO information

Platform: Ethereum

ICO: Coming soon

Objective amount: $8M

White Paper Here username- danielogalue

Presale article here