Over the years, I have learnt from my experience in the stock market that most investors lose money in stock exchange as a result of access to proper information. This problem has emanated from the fact that investors lack consolidated reliable source of information or statistics that has deprived them of flexibility in their choices and has limited the manager’s ability to attract new funds. Today, the Genesis Vision platform caught my attention as to why an investor should not fail and I will love to share with you all.

What is the Genesis Vision Platform?

Genesis Vision is a decentralized trust management platform built on blockchain technology and smart contracts while the Blockchain technology provides indispensable advantages, such as openness, immutability, and censorship-resistance of all stored information, whereas smart contracts, which will be carrying out investment and profit distribution, make these processes completely transparent and open.

Each manager in the Genesis Vision network has his own crypto currency. The size of the issue depends on successful trade statistics. The process of transferring funds to the manager is carried out by buying a manager’s crypto currency on the internal exchange.
From manager’s point of view, the trade process will not change. The trader will continue to operate on the exchange or through a convenient broker. Genesis Vision, in turn, represents a common open source of reliable information about the statistics of the network participants’ activities and an absolutely transparent system of investment and profit distribution, built on smart contracts.
With the amount of information that this platform will provide, I believe any investor or manager that seeks to attract new funds should consider this ICO on

Coin Offering

  • Genesis Vision has its own token – GVT.
  • GVT is based on ERC20 Ethereum token standard.
  • The GVT will be freely traded on crypto-exchanges
  • Total tokens for sale 33,000,000 GVT
  • All tokens will be created during the ICO period.
  • The number of tokens is limited to 44,000,000 GVT
  • The subsequent issuance of tokens is technically impossible.
  • Unsold tokens during the ICO are burned.