FintruX – A Decentralized Finance for Loans, Mortgages and Leases

I have witness many ICO which hits there Hard-cap in minutes due to there genuine project and what it will solve in the worked. FintruX is one of such project of maximum trust.

FintruX In Simple Terms-:

FintruX enables borrowers to create their own fully customized and simplified smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain with no code; for every contract. Awesome isn’t it? Thereby making financing a no-brainer for both borrower and investor.

Why You should Invest?

On the FintruX platform security, speed is a watch word, as data is securely decentralized, immutable, and uptime is almost guaranteed.

1. Loans

Individuals and small businesses can access affordable credit is essential to stimulating and sustaining a healthy, diverse and innovative economy.


FintruX platform offers a transparent and open marketplace with a fully automated administration can redirect existing pools of capital trapped inside the banking system.

3. Leases

Individuals can transact business in a highly efficient, secure and consistent manner with easy access to historical data and valuable market insight.


Understand Fintrux In Detail

FintruX is solving a huge problem in the current financing marketplace. Most Financing is originated via third parties such as brokers and other intermediaries. This adds costs, time and complexity to the process. Furthermore, the administrative process is usually labor intensive. Most Financing contracts are difficult to understand and special instructions such as trade-up, buyout, refinance, prepayment, end-of-term processing, etc. are largely manually performed on spreadsheets.

Furthermore,  the Financing industry has not yet adopted or embraced new technology to meet the demand of new products and the increasing concerns about data privacy, increased competition and changes in consumer behavior is moving them in this direction.increased competition and changes in consumer behavior is moving them in this direction.increased competition and changes in consumer behavior is moving them in this direction. Financing processes that manage risk, premiums and claims typically involve a significant exchange of data between multiple parties. Currently, the different parties would store their own copies of data, and process it individually. This makes it difficult to synchronize and collaborate through a shared process.

FintruX enables borrowers and investors to configure and automatically construct each borrower contract real-time. Our technology supports this innovative marketplace and administration model to efficiently connect and process the supply and demand of capital. Our platform also removes the need for physical infrastructure and brings out convenience and total automation, increasing efficiency, reducing manual processes and improving the overall borrower and investor experience.

From a technological and business standpoint, our team is very well positioned to deliver such a product to the world.

Why You Should Buy FitruX Tokens

Being a token holder means that you will be the backer of all these borrowing contracts and transactions. Each activity on the platform has an associated cost specified in FTX. As activities are carried out on the platform, FTX is transferred from one participant to another. As a result of executing these activities, participants will be rewarded a fee.