Everex Bounty and Ico Are Now Open!

Everex has begun reimbursing the community for their support. In order to promote community engagement and give back to the ecosystem, Everex has set aside 1 million EVX tokens. Community is a core focus for the Everex Project and as such, Everex would like to compensate the community for following their passion. 176,720 EVX is set aside to engage and give back to our community!

  • The remaining 823,280 EVX tokens will be included in a bonus to token sale contributors!

Below is a list of open social media outreach bounties that will reward our community pursuing their interests and continued support.

Please note that all bounties are to be paid on a first-come-first-served basis, and that signing up for a bounty is required to be eligible for selection. Any attempts to abuse the system will result in permanent forfeiture of future bonus opportunities.

[NOTE] Bounties will be paid within two weeks of token creation and allocation.

Earn free EVX tokens by referring your friends to our tokensale. 5% from the funds sent through your link will be awarded to you. Referral link can be found inside User profile in the TKS wallet.

Everex wants to encourage thought-provoking community engagements, and we feel that incentivising the community is a great way to facilitate that form of engagement. To meet these ends, Everex is offering a series of bounty programs beyond this community outreach program.

Thank you all so much for your continued support! Lets us all Participate..

Everex is Creating a Global, Inclusive Economy with Blockchain-Powered Microfinance and Remittance Services.

EVEREX is a young technology startup in the blockchain space with both a team and a business-model uniquely qualified to answer some of the challenges of international micro-financing.

Links to the Everex Slack and website

Bounty Link Here