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Many ICO has come and gone and many going on now. StartMining is a project based on construction and launching of industrial mining farms in Russia and the European Union. They plan to put into operation up to 4,000 farms with a total capacity up to 680 Gh/s Ethash.

Why You Should Buy StartMining Token.

StartMining  is a great ICO to invest in now. StartMining plans to attract investments in the amount of $500,000 to $10,000,000. The main sources of project’s income are mining and provision of mining facilities as rental. Most of the received funds are invested in equipment and real estate. The remaining funds are directed to cover operating expenses (personnel, insurance, security, legal support etc.)

For investors who will invest their funds in the project at an early stage, they will be offered bonus programs of +25% ICO in the first 24hrs, +15%ICO on 2-7 days, +10% ICO on 7-14days and +5% ICO on 15-30days.

40% of the company’s net profit is distributed annually among investors in the form of dividends. According to forecasts, the amount of dividends paid to investors will exceed the initial investment amount within the first year and a half. This indicates a high level of project’s profitability, and at the same time the expected profit for investors is calculated to be 122% per annum.

StartMining Activities

The activity of startmining is transparent to a maximum extent and engages the services of an Escrow agent to raise funds. The Escrow agent monitors thoroughly the investors’ funds spending. You won’t need to be worried about the safety of your funds. More than 90% of the raised funds are invested in equipment and real estate; this allows them to maintain a high liquidity and reliability of investments. In the documentation section of the website you can familiarize yourself with already concluded contracts and commercial offers.

The Team

The startmining team possesses sufficient experience in the field of mining of over 3 years. Who have been involved in either a large international company with huge work experience or first-class specialists to complete tasks.


Buy Tokens Now.

You can buy tokens by using your personal account on the website or directly by sending Ethereum to a smart contract, the address of which will be available after the start. You can always contact our support service for assistance in buying tokens process. The smart contract code is available on GitHub and they always open to dialogue for large scale investors. You can Contact them at hello@startmining.com and swift replies within few hours.

Join now: https://startmining.com/

White Paper https://startmining.com/whitepaper_eng.pdf

Ether Address-    0x284BFdb5f136E9F2867244d9ace4F0E812Bb3753