I love to participate in ICO. After doing some research on COSS ico, I endorse it as the best in the crypto-world.


The main concept is that it provide a merchant tool and the payment gateway for businesses with the perfect tool to manage cryptocurrencies. You can start accepting payments in cryptocurency in just a few minutes by pluging-in the payment gateway (if you have an online shop), or installing the COSS Point-of-Sale application (web-based and Android app).

Comprehensive Cryptocurrency Platform for Crypto and Fiat Communities

Singaporean cryptocurrency platform COSS, (Crypto-One-Stop-Solution platform) has entered into its beta phase, offering a handful of new services. The blockchain supported platform combines its own digital wallet service, exchange, as well as a merchant platform, for community members to trade currencies and interact with one another.

Unique Features

COSS cryptocurrency platform utilizes VEROS as its native currency through Ethereum smart contracts. The smart contracts serve to govern the distribution, validation, value and confirmation of the VEROS tokens. In addition to VEROS, the COSS platform supports a broad range of cryptocurrencies, with the fiat-to-crypto conversion feature made possible by its exchange. In the next phase, the platform will incorporate all the previously mentioned changes, while making room for further feature addition and updates.

Simplicity of COSS

COSS allows you to list your cryptocurrency or token on both the Exchange and the Merchant Platform, and take advantage of the POS System to increase its adoption.
Aiming to bring cryptocurrencies to mass adoption COSS is gathering the most tradable and popular crypto assets on its exchange and the market cap ranking list in return for a very attractive and competitive trading fee. Fast and easy coin-listing. Make deposits in fiat currency supported by COSS.
Submit your coin-listing request no.

So I encourage all crypto lovers to take part in this ICO.


Whitepaper- Download Here

Website – https://coss.io/ico


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