Centra Tech token sales begin soon.

I must commend Sam Sharma  (President/Co-Founder) of Centra Tech for his hard work and diligence to this project. I trust this project as a success already. Sam as known on the telegram and slack  group chat, has been  incredible  the way he answers to questions posed on chats. I so much admire his dedication and passion in display.

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Currently you can join the white list of there sales on https://www.centra.tech/token-sale/ here

Centra technology is one of the outstanding innovation and to me the leading ICO with unique features and quality.  Centra tech, as it is called bridges the gap between commerce and cryptocurrency.This is made possible by the use of the mobile app and a physical Centra card used for withdrawal on any ATM machine.With the Centra Wallet and the Centra Card, you will be able to spend your blockchain assets in real time.

There are three core innovations about Centra Tech. I will try to simplify this innovation below.

1. Centra Card & Wallet
Owners of Centra Card have full control of your crypto assets, with easy conversion in real time at market value to the fiat used without any fees.This technology has really opened the door to spending of cryptocurrencies in todays world.

2. cBay.io
Centra tech cBay platform allow users the ability to purchase numerous items using cryptocurrency. Use of centra wallet to pay for this services and good rates.

3. CTR Token reward system
There will be a reward system for any who decide to hold (CTR) Token.

Please Note

Token Sale will be on September 19th. Sign up for our White List now! To sign up for White List you must be a member of our Slack Channel. Join our Slack channel now for all updates! http://slack.centra.tech Thanks!

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