Centra Debit Card & Smart Insured Wallet gone Viral in 24hours

Let me start by saying, This is so great, clearly the best in the business, no other company could even show them self’s using any of there product during their ICO. Centra Tech is clearly way ahead of their competitors. This is the truth I Love it, Best investment ever made. Can’t wait till the worlds sees this! So the proof is outstanding to doubt.

Other news from the Bitcoin thread are listed below-

MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT: CTR Tokens will be spendable on Centra Cards worldwide beginning Q1 2018!

Watch the Centra Tech team using the Centra Card at the mall with different cryptocurrencies and making ATM withdrawals.

The Centra Flagship Product – Only 200 made and only available during our ICO

Watch our 4K final Global Version of the Centra Card live in action spending 8 cryptocurrencies! & Withdrawing:

Check out the addition of our CTO and 8M+ opening ICO week:


Wow. Great news Centra!



Centra Tech
“Creating a World Connected to Cryptocurrency”

Website for full info: https://www.centra.tech
Blog Link: https://www.medium.com/@Centra/
White Paper: https://www.centra.tech/CentraWhitepaper.pdf
Token Sale: https://www.centra.tech/token-sale/

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