When I first heard about cryptocurrencies, people say it will replace fiat and the banking industry.  Back then it seems like a dream. But from my point of view now, its becoming a reality. One of such company that is making this a reality is BLOCKBANK.

BlockBank is an international Bank and will adhere to the bases of international regulations as well as the regulations of any jurisdiction of which Block Bank is conducting business.

BlockBank offers the ability to obtain loans with minimum fees and taxes regardless of the user location. Thanks to blockchain technology for making this achievable through innovative #blockchain

From my perspective this project that will directly compete with the conventional banking industry. I’m not sure what are the systems in place to make this work in various countries but I am excited to invest.

Why I chose to Invest on BLOCKBANK

This morning, I went through the whole project,  taking a look the website, I like idea for sharing profits with tokens holder it’s a great idea with a very strong security and totally transparent. This is a plus in the positive Direction.

I must say here that the team for this project is a genius.  It’s about time we have a worldwide crypto bank. The crypto currency has started to become part of a lot of households. I also like the part where we can be a Block bank partner and earn commission. It makes me feel confident that you already have an International Banking license. This indeed is a very promising project.

I am convinced by BlockBank features of  faster transaction, low transaction cost, security, transparency, immutability and integrity of data. All these features are necessary to become prosperous.

From the white Paper block bank is very  transparent to clients in term of transactions and services.  Blockbank gives more benefits, assurance in security of investment and a long term goal base on their roadmap. Overall block banks is the best place where your investment are safe and make profit for it.

Summary on Blockbank ICO

The Blockbank of the low transaction cost, irrevocably and transparency and speedy transactions, security and integrity in the projects is assured. These qualities are essential for the success of crypto and tokens. Blockbank is special for the community we live in, this will change the Cryptoworld.  This it is a great project.

I study this project and the team behind this project and I can tell anyone that this project is the best among the tokens now, the team behind this project are very active and ready to work for the betterment of the project and I call on everybody in community to let us support this great project. I wish this great project and the team behind more success and as for me and my friends, we are in support of this project 100%.

Just to add Here: Because of the main benefit of the Blockchain decentralization through the distributed ledger technology. Blockbank will take advantage of it by being a decentralized banking system that can provide people with loans and offer other banking services, even if they don’t have access to a traditional Bank account.

Success to The Best ICO for November. Success