Growing up, I experienced my Dad stumble into many financial crises as a result of gross under preparedness for retirement resulting from numerous cases of poor performance of Government practice and the pension industry.  I have therefore, intelligently made the decision to invest in the Auctus, a scheme that is profitable, free of fraud and acceptable level of risk for my retirement.

What is the Auctus Project?

The ambition behind Auctus project is to create a pension fund platform on Ethereum blockchain, utilizing Ethereum smart contracts to automate processes, increase transparency and ultimately reduce operating costs of pension fund in a substantial way.

The Auctus platform will be a global smart contracts-based platform for pension funds, designed to adapt to different legal and regulatory standards. With smart contract auditable code, the platform will ensure full transparency and compliance to the fund rules and allow calculations for contributions, employer matching and benefits, as well as provision of a variety of other features, such as investment profiles, beneficiaries designation (in case of death), administration fee calculations and portability between funds

Due to the transparent nature of the Auctus Platform, users will be better informed about the characteristics of their pension. It will be possible to create different investment profiles with different allocation limits, according to a participant’s preference and Participants will have the guarantee of being able to move some, or all, of their pension funds under the terms defined in the smart contracts and will be protected by the immutability of the smart contract.

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