AbioCoin: Financial instrument of real business crediting on Blockchain


What is Abiocoin Project

ABIO Coin project is a unique tool for P2B (peer to business) lending of industrial enterprises on the basis of the blockchain algorithm. By crediting business at the stage of collecting funds the investor secures stable income in form of dividend payments depending on the limits of profitability of the enterprise, while internal blockchain system is responsible for the of distribution of means. This is an innovative approach for attracting business financing that allows you to avoid problems of irregular payments, to organize business transparency and the entire process of investments, as well as to escape fraud and negligence cases in relation to the investors ‘ money. It is expected that such decisions will lead to free access to the P2B market, will reduce the input threshold for an average investor, and also will increase the investment attractiveness of the process itself.

How does the token work

Investor puts money in BTC or ETH, thus identifying himself in the system. Then, the funds are consolidated in the internal blockchain network. Smart contract is created. Further, payment of funds occurs accordingly to the algorithms of profit distribution (as per each share in the shared pool). Subsequently, the funds are converted and credited to the specified address of the investors (personal account), accomplishing the algorithm of dividend payments. The buyback will be executed in the personal account of the investor according to the following principles: reserve of funds that are funded monthly will be used to purchase tokens (relatively to the net revenue of the plant), and will be available in limited quantities to each investor (again, according to his share). Also, the system to vote regarding future decisions will be implemented in the investor’s personal account (Blockchain vote technology) which will allow him to directly participate in the activities of businesses and to influence the course of business.

Abiocoin Token Sales

Role of Token  ERC20 token. Token holders are eligible for a proportional share of net profit of the Biotek plant (ABIOGroup)
Symbol  ABI
Total volume  30 000 000 (including bonuses)
For sale  30 000 000 (no new tokens will be issued)
Price  $1 for ABIO Coin in accordance with exchange rates at the moment of transaction creation (+-10 min)
Storage method  Investor account, ERC20 wallet