5 Reasons Why The Auctus Project Will Succeed. Buy Token Now

Every investment worthy crypto currency/ICO has some fundamental characteristics that guarantees success and makes such project investment worthy due to my wealth of experience in the crypto currency/ ICO world. Today I came across up 5 reasons why the Auctus pension ICO will succeed, it got my attention and the thought of sharing with others set in. These 5 simple reasons include;

Information Transparency and Choice of Investment Profile¬

Due to the transparent nature of the Auctus Platform, users will be better informed about the characteristics of their pension. It will be possible to create different investment profiles with different allocation limits, according to a participant’s preference.

Ability to Allocate Funds

Participants will have the guarantee of being able to move some, or all, of their pension funds under the terms defined in the smart contracts and will be protected by the immutability of the smart contract.
Automated Triggers and Pension Fund Transfers
The retirement grant can be automatically triggered when a participant fills the requirements of the plan. Also, with Auctus, a participant can define the beneficiaries who will receive the resources in case of death, calculated according to rules defined in smart contracts, which will, in turn, facilitate family succession planning.

No Hidden Fees

As for the management of resources, all investment allocation limits and fee charges will also be established in smart contracts, making it impossible for investment managers to deviate funds and charge hidden fees. Usually, pension funds charge administration fees on contributions, or fund assets, but these fees will also be defined by smart contracts, eliminating the possibility of hidden fees, which is a common problem of investment funds.

Improved Governance

Governance mechanisms will be designed to allow greater member participation in the control of the allocation of resources, establishing, for example, the vote in an election of the members of the board, or to approve investment policy changes.

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